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Seren and I Mother’s Day

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I need an assistant in the Denver area!

My Etsy shop is taking up ALL of my time and I am aching to make actual art.

If you are looking for some extra money on the side and would like to help me out please apply below.  Here are a list of duties:

  • Manage my Etsy Shop which includes:  Answering emails and messages concerning orders, creating special orders such as wholesale, managing inventory, photographing merchandise, posting new merchandise, packaging and shipping.
  • Helping to create resin pendants:  This can be done in bulk when inventory is low and I can help out if I have time.  Basically you spray paint wooden disks, cut out the mandalas by hand, glue them on the disks front and back (let dry), cover with resin (let cure).

For packaging, shipping, and managing the Etsy shop I pay 10% of every order you ship.  For creating the pendants and posting them I will pay $10/hour.  If anything time-wise seems unfair this is totally negotiable.  I will of course cover or reimburse for shipping materials, postage, and other materials and we can work that out together.

Also, this can happily be a partial trade position.  So if you’d like to take anything as a gift for a friend, baby shower, midwife, whatever it can just be taken out of the net pay.  You get an “employee discount” (so to speak ? ) of 20%.

If you’re interested please fill out the form below:


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