"Labor Pains" Polymer clay, acrylic paint, glaze

About the piece

Oh Man…9 months and counting, practicing, almost there, having of had three lovely children myself, and all of them natural childbirth, I can respect this position, the panting, and the breathing, and the weight of the breasts and the belly, oh my goodness, you feel like a balloon and you are going to pop any minute, you can’t see your feet, and you can sit your dinner plate right on your belly, but be careful, if you have a restless one, you will loose your dinner onto the floor….any day now….the nesting begins….

About Vicki

I was born in Hollywood, CA, I have been an Artist for as long as I could walk and talk, a God Given Gift.  What a gift too, as I am a Artist of many things, Food, wool, paint, pencils, jewelry, jewels, clay, sculpting, creating….. anything Mother Nature wants to give me to create. I live in Arizona, and paint a lot of Southwest.  It is most beautiful in the Springtime and in the fall.  During the summer it gets up to 118 degrees sometimes, but the Sunsets are awesome, and rainbows.  We also have monsoons.  Have you ever seen it rain sideways?…yeah, it’s pretty cool, and the lightning is everywhere.  I have a Gallery within my home, “Victoria’s Art Gallery” and I was a Chef/Caterer for over 30 years, until several knee injuries and knee replacements put me out and now I am back to my childhood gift, and Loving it

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