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Sheela Na Gig


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Ina May talks about it in “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth”

“Historians and archaeologists have long been fascinated about the meaning of the sheela-na-gig figures of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England and other parts of Europe… My idea is that this figure was probably meant to reassure young women about the capabilities of their bodies in birth. Ellen Prendergast, in an article written for an Irish historical journal, remarked: After a lifetime’s awareness of such figures I am convinced their significance lies in the sphere of fertility, and that what is depicted… is the act of giving birth.

Whether Ms. Prendergast and I are right or not, I can testify that a sheela-na-gig figure can be a great help at birth. As you can see, the vulva of the crouching figure is open enough to accommodate her own head. Such a sight is quite encouraging to a woman in labor.”