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“Triple Goddess”


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Many people identify with the “Triple Goddess” represented by the Mother, Maiden, and Crone. It is a physical embodiment of the cycle of life as well as different aspects of humanity. The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, youth and youthful enthusiasm, represented by the waxing moon. The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, fulfillment, stability, power and life represented by the full moon. The Crone represents wisdom, repose, death, and endings represented by the waning moon.

I also chose a different element that I felt represented each Goddess.  The Maiden/infant is water to represent the fluidity of youth.  The Mother is earth, represented by flowers in bloom to signify the fullness and ripeness of motherhood.  The Crone is sky/air because she has wisdom that transcends and an ethereal expansiveness.

I chose circles inside themselves, one after another, to represent our lineage to the mothers that came before us. You can read more about this in a story from Tami Lynn Kent, published in We’Moon:

With five small bowls that fit neatly together, one inside the other, I am teaching women about the power of the uterus. The largest bowl fits inside the palm of my hand, and the smallest is the size of pencil eraser. These bowls represent the way the uterus holds energy and passes information from one generation to another. The women watch as I align the bowls, one by one, according to their size.

I point to the smallest bowl, saying “This is you.” Slipping this tiny bowl into the next one I say, “You were held in your mother’s womb.” Placing the two bowls together into the next bowl I say, “Your mother’s eggs were fully formed while she was held in her mother’s body. In this way, you were also held in your grandmother’s womb.” I continue to join the bowls together, until the five are sitting in my palm, one inside another. “Because your grandmother carries the energy of her mother’s and grandmother’s wombs, so you are linked to them as well.” The bowls rest neatly in my hand. The women sit squarely in front of me. I see each of them wrapped in layers of female energy from the women ancestors who came before them.

I set the bowls down. “Now, this is you,” I tell them, pointing to the largest bowl. From the large bowl I lift the next bowl, which still holds three others. “This is one of your creations.” One by one, I lift the smaller bowls and place each next to the bowl that served as its container. With each bowl, I tell the women, “This is the seed of one of your creations.” I continue until the five bowls, five generations, sit in a line. Each bowl is seperate, but the action of lifting one bowl from the next reveals the nature of this shared lineage. “This is how your womb, and the energy that you carry, influences all that you create. This is your legacy of creation.” The room is silent, as the women remember their mother place.

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