Stephen Martonis


"Harvester II" mixed media, beeswax, burlap, bread dough, insect casings

I started by creating a line painting on burlap using beeswax. Then I overlaid bread dough over the entire surface. As the bread dried, it released where the wax was and grabbed the burlap. To create the image further, I painted with water in direct sunlight. Cracks would open up where I painted the water lines. The piece was then stained with tar. Diane’s belly is filled with cocoons, her breasts are filled with bee hives and wax. I am often interested in the transfer of genetic information from one generation to the next. Specifically for this one, the recent discovery of the mothers white blood cells being transferred through breast milk and staying present in the child throughout the life of the child, fighting illnesses. The cells continue to carry the mothers unique signature, not the child. This is represented by the bees wax filling the breasts and creating/protecting the figures.

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