Michelle Abernathy


"Birth Visualization 1"

"Birth Visualization 2"

"Birth Visualization 3"

These three paintings were inspired by the pending birth of my daughter.  Birth Visualization 1 was originally intended to help me focus during labor – to remind me to breath, to relax, and to have courage.  Birth Visualization 2 and Birth Visualization 3

were created in the days after my due date had come and gone.  I needed something to pass the time.  All three of these visualizations have the common theme of the lotus flower.  These reminded me to relax and let my “lotus” open for my baby.  I did not end up using them for my birth, but they were great therapeutic exercises beforehand.  Visualizations 1 and 3 are currently hanging in my midwife’s office, which is very special to me.

About Michelle…

Ever since I was able to hold a crayon I’ve been drawing, it seems.  A favorite was drawing portraits of people.  As a senior in high school, I took my first art class through which I won a scholarship to the Western Art Academy in Kerrville Texas for a portrait I drew of my step-sister’s cousin at a rodeo.  At Cedarville University in Ohio I majored in Studio Art and minored in Graphic Design.  I continued to develop my love of portraiture, but had a hard time branching out of realistic drawings and paintings.  It seemed I also had a hard time using color and truly preferred working in black and white.  But towards the end of my senior year, and in the couple of years since, I have dabbled in both representational and non-representational abstract art, full of vibrant colors.  And I love it!  In May of 2010 I had my first baby, which has left me with much inspiration to create, but no time to do it.  I look forward to the coming months and years when time will open up for that as well.  I am married to the most wonderful and supportive husband, who truly cherishes and cares for me and our daughter and encourages me in my mothering and in my art.


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