Kevin Hutchins


"Ocean Birth" Acrylics on custom boxed wood panel (Masonite)

A dream that inspired the piece

I awoke in a dream floating downward in the dark ocean. I feared the unknown lurking in the dark. A shark might be there to attack me. I then surrendered the fear and chose, from a knowing place within myself, to continue floating down to the depths of the ocean.
It got pitch dark and colder and colder until at a certain point I “knew” it was time. I shot like an arrow straight up through the ocean, into the bright blue sky and pierced the middle of the golden sun.
I pulled myself through to the other side of the sun peeling back the outer layer like I was opening a huge eyelid. I saw beings going about their day doing their work. In this world everything was lit up from the inside. There was no need for artificial light. Everything and everyone glowed from within.
I again “knew” I shouldn’t go any further or I might get lost and not be able to get back to earth. I cried out for help and woke up in bed.
The next day I finished most of this painting and the painting “Of Earth and Sky “.

The dream and the painting helped me transition into a new me. It was a birth.

I used modeling paste for texture helping to create the seaweed effect. Then I applied a few washes for depth and sat back gazing at it until the lady and child popped out. The rest was just using dark and light to bring them out.

About Kevin

I have been creating art all of my life. But it wasn’t until I began seeking spiritually that I found inspiration to share my journey of life through painting. I believe that artists of all kinds are scouts of the human spirit. I feel that It is our responsibility to delve deep within ourselves into the greater potential of who we are and then share that with whatever talents we are gifted with. Once, at a gathering of Native elders and youth, a spiritual leader of the Northern Cheyenne people sitting across from me stated in a very powerful way that, “To be a true Indian, you have to know who you are and then give that back to the people.”

Wado (Thank you),

Kevin Chasing Wolf Hutchins

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