Katie M. Berggren


"Peace Within" acrylic

A moment of silence brought this composition to my mind, and the urge to call it Within came with. Recently I watched Walk The Line featuring Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash, an incredible movie… Johnny Cash’s gospel music further inspired me to complete the title as Peace Within.

"Love Affair" acrylic

In wanting to capture the joy of a new life about to begin, and the way that fact can pull a couple together into an oblivion of love and excitement, I decided to play with the name a bit – who’s having the love affair?

"Nesting" acrylic

When I was pregnant with my first son, but didn’t yet know, I woke up one morning with an undeniable urge to reorganize the office closet. As I busily worked, it occurred to me – “maybe this is what nesting is ~ maybe I’m pregnant?”

Inspired by a recent and particularly bad hair morning, and my pre-painting days of creating detailed nests with colored pencil, Nesting was born.

My idea of nesting here revolves around the mother’s protective instincts and awareness, ~ watching ~ planning and preparing a safe, clean and suitable world for her unborn child.

My children are growing fast, but I still love to nest.

I “felt” my way into this painting – led by intuition and emotion – then I “felt” my way out.

"Yes I Can" acrylic

The miraculous exhaustion and honest rawness of birth. A mother and child united, flesh to flesh after waiting so long. This painting is dedicated to you who have manifested the energy for that last push, bringing new life into the world.

"Listen" acrylic

Inspired by warm tones, skin and the amazing way two loving figures can tuck together. A moment of peace and sanity for the mother, but so much more to the child.

About Katie’s Artwork

As a mother and a painter, I am compelled to create honest, emotional pieces that stylize the intimate moments of life. I delight in capturing the visible affection between mother and child in a dance of paint on canvas. My compositions play with how two or more figures can fold together within an atmosphere of movement, energy and sparkle.

There is a daily conflict for a mother of young children. For me it is a challenge that reawakens every morning as I balance my desire to be a patient, graceful mother and at the same time fulfill an instinctive urge to bring forth the creations of my soul and realize my dreams.

Capturing and releasing are two reasons I paint – to capture a fleeting moment, and to release an emotion. The process of painting allows me to connect with the world around me. But, perhaps most important, it is the way I model to my children the value of following their dreams and exploring their gifts.

About Katie

Growing up as youngest in a family of 4 children, Katie relished time & space to explore through writing, drawing and people-watching. Always interested in the dynamic relationships between those around her, she later narrowed that focus to study the intimacies between mothers and their children.

A mostly self-taught painter, Katie’s art career began in high school when she launched a pencil-portrait business. Graphic design and illustration took her to Central Washington University where she earned a BFA. After a brief career in graphic design, Katie was drawn to focus exclusively on painting, vowing to paint everyday. With a constant presence in galleries and shows, and with steady commissions from around the world, Katie is enjoying her career as an artist and mother. The Women Entrepreneurs Organization of Washington has honored Katie as Entrepreneur of the Year, and she was recently cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America.

Katie’s days are spent with her two little boys by her side… at her heels, and running ahead. Each day she strives to balance simple, loving motherhood with the discipline and craft of painting. The resulting acrylic portraits reflect intimate moments of motherhood through gentle, whimsical compositions and soothing tones.

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