Kandi Ali


acrylic paint, topped with a crackle glaze

Kandi’s Process

My process is very random. Something ( a color, a children’s book, a poem), will move me and I will start a painting or a clay creation. When painting, I won’t know what the outcome will be until it’s done. When I started “I Remember”, I originally wanted the girl to be sitting in a room where the walls were closing in on her. During the sketching process, she changed into a girl in a boat. I titled the painting, “I Remember” because  when I looked at the placement of her hands and the look on her face, she appeared to be calm and happy in her memory. To me it’s about surviving the storms in our life, knowing that we are strong enough to make it thru.
I switch around in my mediums (clay making versus painting) because I get antsy. I want my art to speak to people. To not always be pc, but to make the viewer think outside their own little world. My newest little loves, the”Lil Big Mouth” pendants and brooches really do that. They were created to give us permission to take a day off. Say exactly what’s on our minds, or remind us that there is something else we should be focusing on besides our pity party.

About Kandi

I am a stay at home mom of four sons. Yes, all boys. In my other life I was a social worker in the behavioral healthcare field. I am married to my college sweetheart (UC Berkeley) , who is also an artist (writer).  Besides a two year stint of high school art classes, I consider myself a self taught artist. What I know for sure, is that despite the fact that I tell myself almost daily that I’m quitting this art thing, I don’t. Every day, I get back in the game.

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