About Francesca’s work

The titles are of a baby’s stage in pregnancy. They are drawn on slightly transparent paper and sketched in HB pencil and then drawn in more detail in permanent marker.

I made the drawings for an animation I had to make for my animation class and I really wanted to draw out the animation. I had about 4-5 drawings for each stage to move slightly in the animation and the animation was 5 minutes long.

I am a student artist at UT. I have always made art as long as I remember. It wasn’t until senior year of high school that I started branching out drawing. I have tons of hobbies from crocheting to drawing to writing and much more. I try every hobby once because I love to keep myself on my toes so my shop reflects my hobbies. I have been making art since I was a little child. It’s in my blood from both sides of the family. I always loved to draw the most, but I have taken a great liking to painting recently, especially oil painting. I always have new ideas. My brain never stops working and because of that I never stop working. Art is my life and I hope to make something of myself one day.
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