Flossy Particles



"Heartstrings" watercolor


This is a print of an original watercolour painting of mine depicting the bond between mother and
child. I referenced the higher spiritual bond by using the flaming heart bursting from her chest (as often seen in Christian art), and the veins interconnecting them to represent their physical connection.  Part of the same, forever. While it uses anatomical motifs, the overall mood is one of pure joy and love above all else.

About Flossy

Flossy-P is an illustration artist from Australia. Since moving from an inner city Sydney terrace house, to a
small coastal town tucked between the beach and the bush, her art has taken on all matter of natural influences. Inspired by the
interconnections we share with each other, and with nature, her watercolour paintings often bloom with flora and sing with birdsong.  She frequently exhibits in Australia and the USA.

To see more visit:
http://www.flossyparticles.com or  http://www.flossy-p.blogspot.com

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