Dodge Rockabee Byrne is a sweet little soul who was born with a host of physical problems.  He is teaching us the meaning of truly caring for another human being in ways that are both heart-breaking and heart-opening.  We love you Dodge!

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  1. I am Lacey’s mothers cousin We are like sisters I love Lacey like a niece
    and Dodge and Brian too. They are so special. Lacey was my husbands
    favorite person. He passed away in Octorber 2010.

  2. Awh, that’s so sweet! Well I don’t have any of this printed small for the pendants, though I am making more as we speak. I’d have to pay extra for a single page with more of them on there. Would you mind paying a little extra, like $20 instead of $17, to cover extra material costs? What size, 1 in? 1.5 in?

  3. I would not mind paying more I think I would like a 1.5″ I would love one with his picture on it. Tell me how much and where to send the check.

  4. I don’t have it available on my website but could get you a print if you’d like. How does $15 plus shipping sound? If you’d like to tally up what you want I can make you a custom PayPal order.:)

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