Charlie Saunders


Just to explain it a little, the rose symbolises where I’m from in England – Lancashire.  It’s symbol is a red rose.  The fern next to it represents New Zealand and Craig’s heritage.

The womb and baby represents a large part of my life – childbirth education.  It’s opened many doors and introduced me to many people.  Ironically, the act of childbirth is what introduced me to this wonderful world of sharing information with expectant parents.

The multiple Koru represent everlasting and the cycle of life

The ‘eggs’ at the bottom are my babies!  First the twins (joined eggs) and then the two boys.

Next bit is blank!

The other section is letters that mainly represent the children’s names or names of those who are important in my life.  It also represents my love for words and publications!  This again has opened up lots of new projects and a new world.  Actually, I think that I’ve just realised what needs to go in that blank space – my parents!  

My mum is a journalist and so the written word is very significant and symbolic in my life.  My parents have also instilled great values in me (and my sisters) and I’m constantly recognising myself in my mother as I get older!!  She’s also a compulsive committee member!!  My Grandma was the same so clearly it stems from way back and it’s written in our paths!

About Charlie…

I am originally from the UK and am the mother of four energetic, crazy and funny children.  Jessica & Finlay were born in October ’03 and were the awakening to my Childbirth Education path.  I became a qualified CBE when they were 1 ½ years old and have continued facilitating antenatal and postnatal classes since 2005.  Riley (boy) was born in January 2008 and Zach followed in March 2010.  My long suffering husband, Craig, is very used to me constantly wanting to watch any birth related shows – and anything on the Food Channel!  He’s a gem J  We all live in rural New Zealand and love life here!


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