Circle Up


Ginny Cancer piece

Watercolor, colored pencil, and gold acrylic on illustration board
12×12 inches

(Click image to enlarge)

6×6 Digital “Mini Print”: $20

8×8 Digital print (100 in a series): $50

12×12 Giclee Print (50 in a series): $150

Original: SOLD 

For more information about the types of printing please go here.


This piece was commissioned of me by a group of friends from midwifery school wanting to support another student in her struggle with cervical cancer.  Here’s a little bit about the symbolism in the piece:

The banyan tree is the symbol of your midwifery school.  The long support branches symbolizes the support from your friends and family (which is why they are coming from the hands).  The stone below her is her husband and the two vines connecting them are their children.

In regards to the posture of the figure, I liked the below image from Santo Domingo Savio in Colombia.  At first look it seems like a fetus in a womb, but it’s obviously a woman.  I was told that in Columbia they used to bury their dead in fetal positions.  These two states coexisting seemed fitting in this time of growth, healing, and rebirth, reflecting on mortality.

woman fetus sculpture on highway

The henna on the hands and belly comes from Morocco where they henna women going into labor, partly as a blessing, and partly because in that country it can be a treacherous ordeal.  All that know her want to bless her with safe passage through this time.

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