I have many items such as jewelry, ceramics, cards, calendars, labyrinths, and more in my Etsy Shop.  They make great gifts for any doula, midwife, mama, or birth junkie!

Check out my Etsy Shop here:


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  1. Hi just wondering if you will be selling any 2013 diaries? And if any more jewellery will be for sale before Christmas? I love your work and would love to share it for Xmas. I live in Australia so am asking early:$

  2. Hello Amy! I’m interested in the prayer flags .. how may images can I select (how many flags on the string)? xooxox Thank you! Kim

    • I will make more at some point, there are 5 on a strong, a set selection of images, but you can buy additional images one by one. Check Facebook, I will post when they are ready:)

  3. Tienes diseños de mandalas de gestacion para pintar…es decir que estén en blanco…necesito para un taller de gestantes…

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