Birth Altars – SOLD OUT

These are customizable tabletop altars you can set up during your labor or bring into your labor and delivery room.  They make a nice focal point during labor.  The outside feature two of my mandalas surrounded by handmade embellishments which are then hand-painted.  The mandalas are topped with resin for appearance and protection.

Inside is blank space where you can put ultrasound photos, photos of your other children, inspiring quotes and images, etc.  Whatever you’d like to put to encourage and inspire you!  There are three designs, one of which is actually a box with a shelf where you can keep any small sculptures, beads, etc.

Included with the altars is one candle, either flame (for home or birth center births) or electric (for hospital births).  Please specify which one you would prefer.

Available Altars:

Currently all the altars I’ve made have sold.  If you’d like to put in a request for a particular image/color altar please contact me and I will do my best to make one to your specifications when I can.


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