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About amybirthingbody

I am a mama of three, doula, and artist in the Denver area. I help women and families during childbirth, make birth art mandalas, and do henna tattoos (for all kinds of events but particularly pregnant bellies).




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Purchase options:

6×6 Print (4 color digital process): $20

8×8 Print (4 color digital process, limited edition, 100 in a series):  $50 
12×12 Giclee Print (12 color process, limited edition, 50 in a series):  $250

Original: $800 

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This was inspired by a quote from a Rumi poem…

“And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.
It’s quiet, but the roots are down there, riotous.”

  Form Is Ecstatic 
There is a shimmering excitement in
being sentient and shaped. The
caravan master sees his camels lost
in it, nose to tail, as he himself is,
his friend, and the stranger coming
toward them.  A gardener watches the
sky break into song, cloud wobbly with
what it is.  Bud, thorn, the same.
Wind, water, wandering this essential
state.  Fire, ground, gone.  That’s
how it is with the outside.  Form
is ecstatic.  Now imagine the inner:
soul, intelligence, the secret worlds!
And don’t think the garden loses its
ecstasy in winter.  It’s quiet, but
the roots are down there riotous.
If someone bumps you in the street,
don’t be angry.  Everyone careens
about in this surprise.  Respond in
kind.  Let the knots untie, turbans
be given away.  Someone drunk on this
could drink a donkeyload a night.
Believer, unbeliever, cynic, lover,
all combine in the spirit-form we are,
but no one yet is awake like Shams.
-Rumi (from the book, Soul of Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks.)

Peace on Earth


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6×6 Digital “Mini Print”: $20 

8×8 Digital print (100 in a series):  $50 

12×12 Giclee Print (50 in a series):  $150 

Original: $1200 

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I truly believe that if more babies were born in safe, loving, undisturbed environments and more mothers, fathers, and partners were given paid leave to bond with their babies we would have a much more humane, kind society.

Brief Yet Everlasting


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25 x 25  inches
Pen and ink, watercolor, and colored pencil, acrylic, embossing medium, on Illustration Board

Purchase options:

6 x 6 in. Digital “Mini Print”: $20
8 x 8 in. Digital print (100 in a series):  $50
12 x 12 in. Giclee Print (50 in a series):  $250
25 x 25 in. Giclee Print (original size, 50 in a series):  $500

Original: SOLD

15% of all sales from this image benefit the MISS Foundation

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As an artist I strive to represent motherhood in all it’s forms.  Stillbirth, miscarriage, and infant death are realities that are not talked about in our culture yet are expressions of motherhood, parenthood, in every sense.  This piece was done to honor that brief yet profound experience of love and loss.

A huge thank you to my dear friends Darjee and Josh Sahala who allowed me to use their birth photos of Brona, born still May 18, 2008.  To watch a video of Brona’s birth and death please visit their website here.


I am writing you because I wanted to say thank you.

Two years ago this year, on December 15th, I lost my first child in labor. He was born silent, wonderful, and beautiful. Our family was totally broken. We had tried very hard to conceive our baby boy, and things turned south during a typical at home labor. As someone who advocates for women to be treated and fight for their rights in a hospital, the experience there was a nightmare.

I later got terribly sick with a bowl obstruction due to a mishap of the c-section I was given at the hospital, and ended up having a second surgery on Christmas of 2013 and stayed the new year in the hospital. We came home empty, alone, and my body in a place I never anticipated it to be.

Someone had bought me a mandala of your art piece of the parents holding their spirit baby. I was so touched that someone acknowledged that babies leave us too soon. It is such a profound piece, and in many ways it reflects the exact look of our family during that time. Our son is always with us, but gone forever too. It’s a strange flux to be in, even two years later.

I didn’t allow my son’s death to confine me into a small space. I participated in the Honest Body Project, and spoke about my loss. When I saw that you shared it on your page I felt so happy and proud that you always acknowledge those loss moms.

And so I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being there for me in ways that you didn’t even know you were. Thank you for standing for moms like me and helping those who don’t have a voice to talk about their silent babies. Thank you for showing that not all moms are quiet, that we roar our baby’s name, and we are proud of the mom’s they have made us become.

Thank you.


Meredith Lovell


About Meredith…

Meredith Lovell-Thayer has been using art as an emotional outlet for years. She studied painting at Frostburg State University but was drawn into the birth world. She is now a student at Sacred Mountain Midwifery School and working under a midwife in the apprenticeship setting. While pregnant with her first she planned a home birth but had to transport due to high blood pressure. Medical interventions and birth rape resulted in a surgical birth. Through the Mandala Journey and her own art she has found an outlet to help her heal.

Adrian Baker


"The Midwife" – acrylic on canvas, 30” X 40”

"Transition" – acrylic on canvas, 28" X 20"


"Autumn II" – acrylic on canvas, 52” X 36”

"Madonna of the Woods" – acrylic on canvas, 60” X 28”

"Waterbirth" – acrylic on canvas, 48” X 34”

"Madonna and Child" – acrylic on canvas, 32” X 20”

"The Bath" – acrylic on canvas, 28” X 20”

"Madonna in Winter" – acrylic on canvas, 36” X 26”

"L’amour" – acrylic on canvas, 20” x 24”

About Adrian…

Adrian Baker, professional artist and mother of three, has been painting and exhibiting her work since 1980, as well as working as a portraitist, muralist and art teacher. Career highlights include a commissioned portrait of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau 1984, paintings featured on the covers of Reader’s Digest Magazine and The Canadian Medical Journal  in 1996, and The Practicing Midwife (U.K.) in 2011. She was chosen as a finalist in the Kingston Prize for Contemporary Canadian Portraiture in both 2005 an 2007. In 2009 Adrian was selected to be artist-in-residence in Bermuda, followed by a very successful solo exhibition of her work at the Bermuda Masterworks Museum.

Adrian’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Canada and internationally, in group shows as well as solo exhibitions. Her most recent solo exhibit was ‘Labours of Love’ at Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, in 2009. This was a fundraiser she organized for the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, an international charity working to combat high rates of maternal mortality. In 2010 one of her paintings was selected for an international juried show ‘Mothers’ in Chicago. Adrian spent the first four months of 2011 volunteering at an orphanage in southern India, along with her husband and daughter.

Adrian’s work can be found in numerous public and private collections across Canada, the USA, and abroad. Her work can be viewed at

This Is Why


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Purchase options:

6×6 Digital “Mini Print”: $20

8×8 Digital print (100 in a series):  $50
12×12 Giclee Print (50 in a series):  $150

Original: SOLD

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Childbirth can be one of the most amazing, rewarding, heart-opening experiences.  A woman goes through the challenging yet euphoric journey of labor, works with her baby, and together they emerge as a new creation.  Oxytocin levels will never be higher for that mom and baby then at the moment of birth.  This is birth how it is meant to be.

This piece is meant to be a response to all those “Why on earth would you not get an epidural/give birth outside a hospital/choose a midwife/etc” comments.

A huge thank you to my doula clients and midwife Sarah Stone at Mountain Midwifery Center for allowing me to use their birth photos as reference!  It was such an honor to be at their birth.