I’ve been using a few different methods to create these mandalas.  You can view the process by clicking “View the Slideshow!” for each mandala.  It will take you step by step through the creation of that particular piece.

The most common process I use is to do a pencil sketch, then go over it in either pen and ink or marker.  I use alcohol-based markers so if I decide to do something like a watercolor wash the colors won’t bleed.  I then usually layer on colored pencil to create a more luminous color.

I’m constantly experimenting with other process’ such as using resists like liquid frisket and soon embossing powders.  Check back frequently to view how I’m doing these!

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  1. Dear Amy,
    I have admired your mandalas now and again on Facebook, but was completely taken with your recent one depicting Cesarean Birth. What an amazing piece of art. As a result of my interest in that piece I came to your website and learning about your process (what a beautiful and amazing website, by the way…I am assuming you did the border art?).

    Just want to wish you well on your continued work with your art (and in the birth world). Your sensitive spirit is a gift to birthing moms and dads.

    Kathie Neff
    [email protected]

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