Art as healing, art as activism…

In April 2011 co-presenter and art therapist Alahna Roach and I lead a breakout workshop for the ICAN conference in St. Louis.  We shared stories, created artwork, and talked about how to move our creations into a greater scale to change birth culture as a whole.  The revelations that the women shared with me were profound and amazing and the energy it generated was palpable.

Here, available to all who were not able to go to the conference, is our handouts booklet.  In it you will learn:

  • The Importance of Birth Art – brain chemistry and creativity
  • Sharing Birth Art with the World – “art as activism” and ethics
  • Planning an Art Show – ideas, considerations, marketing, finding artists, etc.
  • Sample Art Exercises

I have also included a coloring page from my upcoming coloring book and a starting place to do your own mandala.  All of this is in full color with wonderful illustrations and other birth art bound in a three prong folder.

Since it was created for ICAN there is an emphasis on cesarean activism and support groups, however you can take many of the ideas and apply them to any doula or midwifery practice, mom’s group, birth circle, red tent, or simple personal use.

Discover your creativity and quiet your inner critic!


(limited quantities available)

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