Adrian Baker


"The Midwife" – acrylic on canvas, 30” X 40”

"Transition" – acrylic on canvas, 28" X 20"


"Autumn II" – acrylic on canvas, 52” X 36”

"Madonna of the Woods" – acrylic on canvas, 60” X 28”

"Waterbirth" – acrylic on canvas, 48” X 34”

"Madonna and Child" – acrylic on canvas, 32” X 20”

"The Bath" – acrylic on canvas, 28” X 20”

"Madonna in Winter" – acrylic on canvas, 36” X 26”

"L’amour" – acrylic on canvas, 20” x 24”

About Adrian…

Adrian Baker, professional artist and mother of three, has been painting and exhibiting her work since 1980, as well as working as a portraitist, muralist and art teacher. Career highlights include a commissioned portrait of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau 1984, paintings featured on the covers of Reader’s Digest Magazine and The Canadian Medical Journal  in 1996, and The Practicing Midwife (U.K.) in 2011. She was chosen as a finalist in the Kingston Prize for Contemporary Canadian Portraiture in both 2005 an 2007. In 2009 Adrian was selected to be artist-in-residence in Bermuda, followed by a very successful solo exhibition of her work at the Bermuda Masterworks Museum.

Adrian’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Canada and internationally, in group shows as well as solo exhibitions. Her most recent solo exhibit was ‘Labours of Love’ at Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, in 2009. This was a fundraiser she organized for the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, an international charity working to combat high rates of maternal mortality. In 2010 one of her paintings was selected for an international juried show ‘Mothers’ in Chicago. Adrian spent the first four months of 2011 volunteering at an orphanage in southern India, along with her husband and daughter.

Adrian’s work can be found in numerous public and private collections across Canada, the USA, and abroad. Her work can be viewed at

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