“Shiva Linga”


(Click image to enlarge)

Purchase options:

6×6 Digital “Mini Print”: $20

8×8 Digital print (100 in a series):  $40
12×12 Giclee Print (50 in a series):  $140

Original: $240

For more information about the types of printing please go here.


Because to every ying there is a yang, here is the masculine variety of the “Yoni” piece I did yesterday. Shiva Linga is the male counterpart to the yoni, representing the Hindu god Shiva. An upward pointing triangle, swords, the sky, and the rays of the sun are all masculine symbols.  Neither yoni or lingam is better or stronger than the other, just balancing and different.  Neither can exist without the other.  To read more see Shiva Lingam.

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