Buddhist “Precious Human Birth” Story


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Purchase options:

6×6 Digital “Mini Print”: $20

8×8 Digital print (100 in a series):  $50
12×12 Giclee Print (50 in a series):  $150

Original: $275

For more information about the types of printing please go here.


In Buddhism they have a story for their perception of “precious human birth.” Because being born a human being gives you the ability to do so much for your karma (both good and bad) it is seen as a precious opportunity to help your fellow man and possibly even attain enlightenment.

The story goes, imagine there is a turtle adrift at sea that only surfaces every 100 years. Now imagine there is a small ring in this vast sea. It is more likely for the turtle to accidentally poke its head through that ring than to be born a human being. I also incorporated vajras along the outside to signify wisdom and compassion (all important things to learn in this life) and lotus’. The lotus represents your Buddha nature. It rises from the mucky water and blooms pristine, reminding you that no matter what you inner nature, inner good, is always untarnished and that even people you have difficulty with have this good at their core.

Treasure the good work you can do with your life!

View how it was made!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I have a necklace of this mandala that I bought from you a couple months ago, and I really really love it. I love turtles, and babies, and the imagery in this piece is just amazing and beautiful. I have been thinking about using it as part of my next tattoo, but I wanted to kind of ask for your permission/blessing to do so first. I hope that you will think of it as an honor and an homage to your art work, but if it makes you uncomfortable please tell me, and I will start my quest for something else to incorporate.

  2. Hi, i’m from Argentina. I’m interested in get the original. Is it possible that you send it to me? Sorry for my english, i hope you understand me.

    • Muchas gracias Marcela! Por desgracia, el arte original ya ha sido vendido. Tengo muchos otros originales para la venta si usted está interesado. Por favor, hágamelo saber si hay algo que necesita ayuda. Todo lo mejor, Amy

      Thank you so much Marcela! Unfortunately the original art has already been sold. I have many other originals for sale if you are interested. Please let me know if there is anything you need help with. All the best, Amy

  3. Hi Amy
    I have this turtle on one of your pendants and I too really really love it!!!! I have worn it to all my recent births as a doula! I am setting up a website and was wondering if I can have the image on it? Do I buy the digital print? Or is there a different process and can I have a link to your website? Sorry I’m a little web illiterate. Anyway thanks so much for your work, you bring me loads of joy and inspiration.
    love kate

  4. Hi Amy,

    How does the print thing works? Do I get a high-quality digital printable version? What does “100 in a series” means?

    • You get a physical print using a 12 color digital printing process as opposed to the 24 color giclee printing process. The limited edition means there are only 100 or 50 printed in the world.

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