“The Pilgrimage Home”


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This is a commissioned piece that represents something very personal to my client.  She wrote up a bit to accompany it:

“This piece represents a journey. The images represented here have served as talismans for me on my journey towards self-acceptance and recognizing that it’s my birthright to thrive not merely survive.  The piece as a whole is a reminder that when searching for answers or seeking a place to retreat from the chaos of the external world, fear or anxiety need not arise because one has done the work, made the journey inward, come to truly know the self, and can find a sense of comfort and reassurance that peace resides within and she’s created a home for herself that is always near. The nude figure seated at the base of an ancient tree is firmly grounded and her roots reach deep within nature. She has a sense of her place in the world; she is holding a lotus to represent her true inner being and her midsection is a woman-shaped labyrinth which symbolizes this inward spiral of a journey that must be taken to gain understanding and knowledge of self—all of self—and become reconnected to parts that may have once been ignored or rejected for their darkness and come to embrace what is discovered both light and dark, and to find the courage to embrace the power and strength that has been revealed.

The labyrinth is also representative of the subsequent journey outward, the re-entering into life and community, with a different awareness of self and the challenge of integrating this new found information with world. The seated figure is surrounded on both sides by wolves. The wolves are images of duality, they are known for their fierceness yet they have a nurturing and gentle nature as well. The she-wolf is wild and has a sense of freedom and confidence in her being; she can survive on her own but ultimately she thrives on having a strong connection with her pack. The moon behind the tree symbolizes a protective and guiding mother, her light serves as a beacon in the darkness and her cycles are a reminder of the continual cycles of change and woman’s indelible connection to nature.”

View how it was made!

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